But Can You Do This (THE SONG)

I finally finished my new song and music video! It’s based on all my “But can you do this” comics, which you can find here.

Hope you like it :)

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So you think you’re greater than me

Yet there is a certain feature you miss

You think you’re so great, huh?

But can you do this?

But can you do this?

If not shut your face, guess what you can kiss

Let me remind you

The real question is

But can you do this?

You say it’s a bust, I say it’s a bliss

You should admit to

Being envious

So you think you’re a smart man

But your autocorrect ducks up what I send

And you took it literally when

I said get bent

So you think you’re hotter

Is that the reason why you tend to overheat

How bout some cold water

And a rice bed retreat


So you are still thriving

You should not feel too safe up there at the top

You’re barely surviving

A two feet high drop

They call you smartphone, I call you a dumb phony

You stole my feature and became a one-trick pony

You flat slabs are getting on my nerves

Haven’t you heard real phones have curves

Have no airplane mode but still flew of the shelves

Only T9-nties kids remember so just go Swiftkey yourselves

Your apps are puny my abs are large

I could teach you but you have to charge

Ok Google, hey Siri, I know you’ve listened to all

The things I’ve been saying so consider this your final call

You really think there is not a single thing you miss?

But can you do this?

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